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Stylish Beard For Boys


Men are very particular about their beards. The Egyptians thought it was a sign of status and wealth whereas the Romans cultivated it to signify mourning. There are different styles to choose from based on your personality and face.  Here are some stylish beard for boys,


This beard is the secret weapon for a hot date. This style is perfect for boys with baby face. Stubble gives a tough and mature look. Stubble tends to make one’s jaw appear strong and firm. It also hides away imperfections like uneven pigmentation and acne scars. Always keep the beard neat and trimmed. One could slay this style in the bar as well as in the boardroom. Keep a close eye on the length as well. The optimum growth for this beard will be three to five days, till then be patient enough to take care of your skin. This style is definitely low maintenance, but that does not mean you can neglect the regular conditioning and trimming.

The Goatee

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From rock stars to intellectuals, this beard style will never go out of style for them. If you want to add a little edge to your sense of style, then goatees are your saviour. Goatees are the best option if you’re struggling to grow your beard. This beard style looks good on angular and slim faces. Make sure that you’re not letting it grow too long or else that would make your face look even more lean. George Michael used a trick to pull this off and was called as a goatee guru. This particular beard style is hands down one of the best stylish beard for boys. If you are under the impression that maintaining a goatee is a piece of cake, then you’re absolutely wrong. Goatees demand precision and of course a steady hand.


The Beardstache

A beardstache is basically a combo of full beard and stubble. This style oozes masculinity if maintained the right way. Actors like Jamie Dornan and the famous designer Patrick Grant have experimented this style as well. The beardstache would suit almost all face shapes but the only requirement  is that one should have good thick facial hair. You have to come up with a maintaining strategy while opting for this style.

Full Beard

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This beard style will give you all the attention. The most difficult style to maintain but totally worth it. Full beard makes a statement no matter where you go. Allow your beard to grow fully and at the same time groom it well. Proper trimming and conditioning would add bonus to your look.

Apart from these you could also try the ‘short beard’ look for stylish beard for boys.